Université Paris Dauphine - PSL, France[1]:

2019 – present           Course Director: Financial Analysis, Master in Finance

2019 – present           Course Co-director: Business Valuation, Master in Finance

2017 – present Fundamentals of Corporate Finance (non-finance background), Master’s in finance 203 (most recent course evaluation grade: 100/100)

2020 – present          Advanced Corporate Finance, Master 2 in Finance (Tunis campus)

2017 – present           Corporate Finance, Master in Finance (Tunis campus)

2014 – present          Financial Analysis, Master in Finance (most recent course evaluation grade: 4.55/5)

2014 – 2019               Corporate Finance, Master in Finance

Prior teaching experience:

 University of Lugano (USI),  Switzerland

Part-time lecturer, Finance, Executive MBA (course evaluation grade: 4.83/5)

TA, Corporate Banking, Masters (course evaluation grade: 4.87/5)

TA, Corporate Finance, Undergraduate 


University of Nice-Sophia Antipolis, France

Lecturer, Corporate Organization Structure and Functions (in French)

TA, Short Term Macroeconomics, Undergraduate students in Economics and Management (in French) 

TA, Market Conditions and Employment Policy, Undergraduate students in Economics and Management (in French) 

Lecturer, European Economic System (in English)


Odessa State Economics University, Ukraine

Corporate Finance, MBA, Center for Business Education

Masters in Banking and Finance:

Bank Accounting and Audit

Mathematical Modeling of Bank Operations

Economic Analysis of Bank Operations

[1] Current regulation does not allow public universities in France to evaluate their instructors. The evaluations take place at the discretion of a Program Director.